In line with the second virtual edition of Global Additive Manufacturing Summit, NAMIC.TV was launched in 2021 to host the 2-day conference.  NAMIC.TV will continue to host NAMIC’s virtual events, as well as function as a repository for both free and paid video content, where we congregate the world’s greatest thought leaders to share their perspectives on Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies across different industries.

Organising events on a local and global scale is one part of NAMIC’s efforts to accelerate industrial adoption of Additive Manufacturing technologies. NAMIC also places great emphasis on several key initiatives to support the AM ecosystem in Singapore and beyond. 

These initiatives include offering grant support for technology and product development, as well as forming partnerships between key stakeholders to broaden the network. 

Other efforts include the AM Business Directory hosting listings of over 160 Singapore AM companies, as well as an AM-centric job portal AM Careers@SG, aimed to pool together top-notch AM job opportunities and talents.

More information about NAMIC can be found at www.namic.sg

Abhinav Singhal

Abhinav Singhal
Vice President & Head of Strategy
SAP Asia Pacific & Japan

I am passionate about driving digital transformation and sustainability in large corporates, re-skilling individuals and leveraging technology to deliver business & social impact. I am a strong believer in lifelong learning and enjoy exploring psychology and cognitive neuroscience insights in my free time to unleash human potential.